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We live in a world where a child starts learning to use a smart phone or a tablet computer before they are even twenty four months old. The children of today are growing up with technology and many parents are using this to their advantage to make their own lives easier. Parents today are busy with their full time jobs, their businesses and their struggle to earn some money in this world where the cost of living is extremely high. As such, they do not have enough of time to spend with their children, to persuade them to eat, to sleep and to pacify them and therefore they turn to the easiest solution around which is to give them a phone or a tablet computer to pacify them while they feed them or to keep them quiet while the parent completes their work and meets their deadlines. This activity has been proven to lower brain activity in the child and hinder brain development. It is surprising to see that many two year olds know more about computers than their parents and grandparents and it is amusing to see small children teaching adults how to use these gadgets.

Cybercrime and child safety
In addition to hindering brain activity, these activities cause children to become dependent on these devices. Too much knowledge can sometimes be a bad thing. It has been seen that as the children of the new generation grow up, they start joining social media and other chat sites long before they are legally allowed to do so and will usually create a profile stating a legal age over eighteen. The alarming part about this is that there are many child predators out there on the internet who are very aware of this and they too create false identities in order to lure these young people in to random cam chat and then to meet with them.

There are many underage girls available for video chat on omegle that are pretending to be over the age of eighteen. Their intention of getting on the sites are innocent however to the predators, these young girls are the perfect target and the perfect victims.

As a parent, it is vital that your track your child’s internet usage at all times. Your child may not be too happy about the fact however, you might just be saving your child’s life by doing so. In addition to this, it is important that you restrict your child’s internet usage as much as possible as well.


As much as wedding planning can get important and busy, planning a honeymoon is also important. Both of these go, hand in hand and today most often, couples get together and decide on what they want to do best. It’s always a favorite destination, they want to visit or an adventurous thing, they have been waiting to do together and to some it’s all about getting a week or twos break, off the commercial world, on their own and catching up on themselves. Weddings can drain couples out, as it is a very stressful event, in their lives, this is why many look forward to their honeymoon, to unwind themselves. When preparing for the honeymoon, there are certain elements to look at and plan ahead. Here’s a quick breakdown on, few of the important ones.

The destination

The destination is a very important aspect to look at. Some select one destination, while some other decide to incorporate a few different destinations. Many also today, choose to fly out to different nations, rather than honeymooning within the country. It’s a start off a new life and journey, with the person you love and couples love to start it off in a different place, a place they both have been wanting to go. Many love to spend more on their honeymoon, than a reception or a marriage ceremony, because it is for them at the end of the day. There are certain countries that are labelled as honeymoon, destinations. Most attractions are beaches and islands or adventurous hikes. Choosing the destination or destinations, should be first on the list and their after sorting out logistics for travel and accommodation, follow, when you know the destination, you are waiting to honeymoon at.

The spicing element

When you’ve got your destination, long with travel and accommodation sorted, every couples looks forward to the days ahead. Most often the women, wants to spice things up in, the honeymoon days. Sexual intercourse, becomes a highlight of any honeymoon and spicing it up, can’t do any harm. What’s the best way to spice up the honeymoon? Shopping for adult lingerie, can take your honeymoon to a whole new level. You can shop something for yourself as your lover, and spice it up in a way, that both could enjoy.

The activities

Depending on how many days you are honeymooning, you can incorporate some toys for making love and other activities. These activities can be sigh seeing, shopping, romantic dinners, strolls on long streets and other couple activities. Planning those ahead of time, takes away a big headache off your shoulders, on the days of the honeymoon. If you plan the activities, based on your liking, it will be already for your waiting, at your honeymoon.

Many couples get bored of their sex life, after years of marriage. Having children and getting busy with life will bore you. Boring sex will make your marriage boring. Having kids and having more responsibilities isn’t a good enough reason for the death of your sex life. Every day of your marriage life, should be like your first day together! Don’t let your age and responsibilities to become a barrier. You can’t just let life go on but you have to live your life, with your partner. Getting on with a good marriage life isn’t easy but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Unfaithful marriages can be a sign of bad sex. On the other hand to get rid your boring sex life do some new and exciting experience, buy some sexy sex toys online.

Talk dirty to each other

Tell your partner about your wild desires, without keeping it all in. Your partner would love listening to you and definitely will give a go in trying them out. Buy adult sex toys online to meet up with your sexual desires.

Don’t stick to your bedroom

Yes, that’s right! Change places; go on a romantic dinner out, just the two of you, read erotic stories together and try out what’s on it. Act 20 with your partner, even though you’ve been married for ten, fifteen years. Sex will make you healthier and make you feel younger. It is totally okay to have sex in your living room, on the couch, in your car, here and there because there are no such boundaries. 

Trying new ways

Trying new positions, will bring about a different sensations, every time you have sex so the chances of you getting bored of sex is very low. Read books like Kamasutra, The 50 Shades trilogy and see for yourself, where sex can take you to. Keep all your electronics away. Having a smart phone in your hand or watching a movie in your laptop at night will stop you from having sex with your partner. Put all your electronics away and have some ‘us’ time. Start with a kiss. A kiss will get you a long way. Who wouldn’t like A peaceful sleep after rough sex. Be passionate on some days and go rough and wild on the other days.

Good communication

Tell your partner how much you love and care for them. Take time to talk about your love-making sessions. Tell your partner how good it felt and tell your partner about your favorite positions. Talk about your sexual fantasies and listen to your partner’s sexual fantasies as well. Take chances in pleasing each other and don’t forget the benefits of having sex daily.